The 12 Elixirs

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NOTE:  Dr.R. has retired from her Hopkins clinic.

She is very happy to see that since the time  she started her holistic chiropractic practice, the number of young doctors embracing holistic health care and disease prevention has steadily increased. The public is much more educated and self reliant regarding health. All in all, our nation is headed towards a non-toxic, sustainable, and prevention based model of health care. This is good news for all.


Education is key for the prevention and treatment of injury and disease.

Consider the following:

The lives of long lived people of our age are characterized by the following:

- they take few or no pharmaceutical drugs

- they eat moderately

- they live a physically active life

- they have strong social connections

- they eat real food (few or no snack/junk foods)

- they were breast fed as infants

- they are physically fit with good posture

One should also note that our current centenarians were born and spent their first years in a world where (with few exceptions) the air, water and earth were far less polluted. The soil was more fertile  - imparting more nutrition into the food grown on it. They physically worked much harder but they also spent more time playing and ate a much more varied diet!

When redesigning your life to be healthier please consider :

  • age
  • gender and life phase
  • ancestry (genetic, cultural and biochemical background)
  • geography

In other words, one's life should be in balance with the geography and climate wherein one lives. The food and medicines, ideally, are those of one's ancestors and should be combined with local indigenous foods and medicines. Finally, the lifestyle should be appropriate to one's age and gender. (Women, men,  infants,  prepubescent children, adolescents,  young adults, menstruating - pregnant -and nursing women,  middle aged adults, old folks etc. each have different requirements under which they  flourish best.)

In making changes always be sure to first get the basics down:

1. Fresh air

2. Pure water

3. Quality food

4. Daily exercise  

5. A life of purpose

We Recommend that you:

  • IDENTIFY the reasons for your current state of health so that you can be in control of those factors which affect it.

  • LEARN what actions will bring about relief or complete resolution of your problem.

  • GET your body GOING via the appropriate natural therapies and lifestyle. 

  • MAINTAIN  your health in a manner that matches your genetics and lifestyle demands.

We Also Recommend that you:

  • Keep a medical diary of your condition and what you are doing to correct it i.e., what worked and what didn’t. (This is for future reference — if you were to fall off the wagon and get sick again you could simply look back into your notes and fix yourself. This is also helpful with family members. What worked for you may also work for a blood  relative.)
  • Be patient with yourself. Disease doesn’t happen overnight and cures rarely do.
  • Respect the awesome nature of the human body.
  • Trust your gut feelings.
  • Understand that the body is ALWAYS telling you what you need to do.
  • Learn to Listen to  your body’s signs and signals.
  • Enjoy the process with a sense of humor.


Don't  know where to start?

  • CLICK Free Download in the menu on the Home Page - this is an audio of Part III of the patient handbook - The 12 Elixirs, by Dr.R.
  • Purchase the patient handbook - The 12 Elixirs - and begin reading the Introduction, first three chapters, and Part III for starters.