The 12 Elixirs

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents




PART I  Principles of Health and Healing

  1. No One Knows You Better Than You Do
  2. Your Body Will Tell You What To Do
  3. Reading Your Body
  4. What is Normal?
  5. Adaptation and Health
  6. Environment
  7. The Mind in Health and Disease
  8. Preventing Disease
  9. Your Family Health Book

PART II The Phases of Life—Transitions and Health

  1. In the Womb
  2. Birth
  3. Childhood—The First Seven Years
  4. Childhood—The Second Seven Years
  5. Puberty
  6. Adulthood
  7. Advanced Age
  8. Death

PART III               The Twelve Elixirs

PART IV               Appendices

  1. Acupressure
  2. Baths
  3. Broths
  4. Cleansing
  5. Compresses, Packs, and Poultices
  6. Enemas
  7. Energy Drinks
  8. Exercise
  9. Food
  10. Herbs and Teas
  11. Massage
  12. Organ Maintenance
  13. Relaxation and Stress
  14. Vitamins




The Twelve Elixirs
(An excerpt)


 Your body has a trail of signs and marks that tell of the story of you.

The human body does nothing randomly. Everything it does it does for a good reason. Actions result in reactions. Creating situations creates probabilities. Just as the whole of the universe is subject to the laws of Newtonian and quantum physics, so is the human body. The body is a little universe unto itself, an individual ecosystem that has its personal set of norms and ideals. Each body, each human universe, is affected by and, in turn, affects the environment in which it finds itself. If it is a good adaptor, it survives and thrives. If it is not a good adaptor, it will suffer. At all times, it tries its best. Sometimes these trials result in injuries or illnesses that the body either cannot completely recover from or recovers from with great sacrifice. These attempts leave their mark upon the body just as storms leave their mark upon a landscape. A scar here, a mole there, a preference or dislike for certain flavors or foods are all clues—clues to the history of that body. These clues indicate how that body is adapting to its environment. None of these signs is random. None of these marks is an “accident.” Illness is not bad luck. Injury is not an accident. Everything occurs for a reason. Everything occurs as a result of previous actions. The probability of illness or injury is calculable and therefore relatively preventable.