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 Re: Covid19 -

- Follow CDC guidelines for preventing spread.

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If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include:

- Trouble breathing
- Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
- New confusion or inability to arouse
- Bluish lips or face

If you have any of the above symptoms get medical attention immediately.

 - Most will have mild cases and recover fully, however:

- Do not wait until you have a cough!

- What we have learned from China is that those patients whose lungs were addressed  before lung symptoms arose did the best. 

- With the prolonged indoor isolation do take vitamin D; get outdoors to your balcony or parks (maintaining proper distance).

- Maintain good health hygeine and keep your lungs strong and healthy:

  1. Daily deep breathing exercises and cleansing breaths: (breathe in fully, blow out strongly)
  2. Sip warm water with honey and onion juice or lemon juice; peppermint tea; or other herbs you may have that act as expectorants (help flush excess mucus out of the lungs). These will not hurt if you do not have a lung condition and will help if you do.
  3. Maintain healthy indoor air: open windows for a few minutes a few days each week to blow in fresh air. Avoid use of strong scents, smoking, etc.
  4. Eat steamed orange vegetables 2-3x/day: carrots, squash, pumpkin, yams.**
  5. Eat steamed dark leafy vegetables 2-3x/day: spinach, kale, collards
  6. Use antiseptic foods/spices liberally in your cooking: onions, garlic horseradish, cayenne, sage, thyme, oregano, etc.
  7. Take herbs (recommended by your health care provider) that strengthen the immune system and lungs particularly.
  8. Maintain good BMs (2-3x/day) (Important for lung health.)
  9. Qi gong and acupressure for lungs and immunity:

If you are confused as to what your symptoms are, contact your health provider. 

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Watch the above video for reminders of good health practices.



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